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Treat Bacterial Vaginosis With Femanol, Femmesil or Destinol

Bacterial vaginosis has become one of the more common conditions that women deal with, and it has become so prevalent that numerous pharmaceutical products and treatments have come out in the market, oftentimes creating a dilemma for women seeking an over the counter treatment for the infection. While it is true that having more options can be a good thing at times, doing the trial-and-error type of treatment can sometimes be quite annoying and irritating, especially if the treatment does not come cheap, and if you are the type of person with a heightened sensitivity to certain chemicals and substances.

Cured Your Bacterial Vaginosis in 3 days the Natural Way

Having such a heightened sensitivity can leave you in a much worse condition than when you started off trying one treatment, and then discovering that the treatment or the preparation actually has a component that you are allergic to. There is therefore a great need to know what particular products or treatments may actually work for you, or if they will only turn out to cause more hurt and headache for you in the end.

Treatments for bacterial vaginosis have seemingly flooded the market, professing such promises as overnight cures, absolute removal of the problem, and some will even say that it also does other things while removing your problem about bacterial vaginosis. However, a closer look at bacterial vaginosis and the symptoms may actually be warranted before deciding upon a effective treatment for it.

Bacterial vaginosis is a mild vaginal infection that results from the imbalance of the naturally-occurring bacterial flora presnt in the vagina. These naturally-occurring bacteria is normally beneficial in maintaining a biological defense mechanism of sorts for the vagina, however, should one or more of the bacterial types multiply more than the others, it may result in the production of more than the required amount of chemicals from the bacteria. This results in varying degrees of irritation. The irritation, in turn, manifests itself in different symptoms, most common of which is the abnormal discharge of a foul smelling viscous liquid form the vagina, especially evident after sexual intercourse. Other symptoms include irritation and swelling, severe itchiness, and even cramp-like stomach pains.

Of the pharmaceutical treatments and preparations in the market, three are quite popular for their particular and varying degrees of success in the treatment of the problem of bacterial vaginosis.

Destinol – Destinol professes to contain coriander seeds, parsley herbs, and sage leaves as the main ingredients and is touted as a non-chemical herbal treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Destinol is rated as having a 95% success rate over a period of seven days. A good many testimonials of this treatment can be found online, with most people nowadays preferring the organic or natural treatments, such as destinol, over the more chemically-derived treatments.

Femanol – Femanol, being more pricey than destinol, makes up for its price tag by claiming to be able to treat more than just bacterial vaginosis. Femanol is reported to be able to treat cases of high cholesterol, stop cases of diarrhea, treat irritable bowel syndrome, aid in the treatment of gas, flatulence, and bloating, and even prevent cases of bad breath and aid in the building a stroner immune system. While results may vary from case to case, some of these claims have been clinically proven with varying degrees of success.

Femmesil – Femmesil is another organically-derived treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Femmesil is made from natural jojoba oil, beeswax, tetrasilver silver oxide, and a blend of essential oils. Femmesil’s main selling point is that it is a simple solution designed to take care of a complex problem. It professes to have no hidden harmful chemicals and no dangerous side effects, which a lot of people are looking for in treatments and medications in the market today.

Bacterial Vaginitis can be treated with antibiotics but these will kill of the vagina’s own good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria and will not stop the Bacterial Vaginitis coming back.

You really need to get smart with your body and build you own bodies natural bacteria balance to help prevent bacterial vaginosis. This can be done with probiotic supplements such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and natural yogurt containing live cultures. As welll as the 3 leading femine products Femanol, Destinol and Femmesil.

After suffering with recurrent bacterial vaginitis (BV) for over 3 years I eventually found a totally natural cure that did not involve any antibiotics or creams. If you have bacterial vaginitis for the first time or have had recurrent bacterial vaginitis for some time this is something you really should consider looking at Bacterial Vaginosis Help

Cured Your Bacterial Vaginosis in 3 days the Natural Way

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